Journal article

Factors influencing unmet need for contraception amongst adolescent girls and women in Cambodia.

Farwa Rizvi, Joanne Williams, Steven Bowe, Elizabeth Hoban

PeerJ | Published : 2020


Background: Unmet need is the gap between women's need and their practice of using contraception. Unmet need for contraception in female adolescents and women in Cambodia is a public health concern which may lead to unintended pregnancies or abortions that can contribute to maternal morbidity and mortality. Methods: Bronfenbrenner's Social Ecological Model was used as a theoretical framework to analyze data from the 2014 Cambodian Demographic and Health Survey to ascertain demographic and social factors potentially associated with unmet need for contraception. Bivariate and weighted multiple logistic regression analyses with adjusted odds ratios (AOR) were conducted for 4,823 Cambodian, sexu..

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