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Quantification of the turning point saturation for cross bedded CO2 storage reservoirs

Achyut Mishra, Ralf R Haese

International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control | Elsevier | Published : 2020


Cross bedding is a prominent sedimentary structure commonly found in fluvial and coastal to shallow-marine sedimentary sequences, which are often considered for the geological CO2 storage. A millimeter-thick silt- or mudstone lamina draped over a lens of sandstone is characteristic for cross bedding. This type of sedimentary structure gives rise to a greater capillary heterogeneity trapping capacity compared to other sedimentary structures such as planar bedding. The estimation of capillary trapping depends on turning point CO2 saturation. However, turning point saturations for a range of rock type combinations in cross bedded structures have not been quantified. This study uses field data t..

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