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Can adequate analgesia be achieved in patients with cirrhosis without precipitating hepatic encephalopathy? A prospective study.

Ashley Bloom, Vanessa Weerasinghe Mudiyansalage, Anna Rhodes, Malcolm Hogg, Chatura Jayasekera, Alexandra Gorelik, Siddharth Sood, Amanda Nicoll

Clinical and Experimental Hepatology | Published : 2020


Aim of the study: Analgesic use in patients with liver cirrhosis can be associated with increased morbidity and mortality and presents clinicians with a significant and challenging management issue. We evaluated the efficacy of opiate analgesia in patients with cirrhosis, while closely monitoring the side effect profile. Material and methods: This prospective cohort pilot study compared inpatients with cirrhosis who required regular opiate analgesia to non-cirrhotic patients requiring opiates and patients with cirrhosis who did not require opiates. Participants completed daily surveys to assess for analgesic efficacy and encephalopathy. Results: Fifty-two patients were initially recruited, o..

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