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COVID-19 Highlights the Need for More Effective Wildlife Trade Legislation

Amael Borzee, Jeffrey McNeely, Kit Magellan, Jennifer RB Miller, Lindsay Porter, Trishna Dutta, Krishnakumar P Kadinjappalli, Sandeep Sharma, Ghazala Shahabuddin, Fikty Aprilinayati, Gerard E Ryan, Alice Hughes, Aini Hasanah Abd Mutalib, Ahmad Zafir Abdul Wahab, Damber Bista, Suchana Apple Chavanich, Ju Lian Chong, George A Gale, Hanyeh Ghaffari, Yadav Ghimirey Show all

Trends in Ecology and Evolution | Elsevier | Published : 2020


Zoonosis-based epidemics are inevitable unless we revisit our relationship with the natural world, protect habitats, and regulate wildlife trade, including live animals and non-sustenance products. To prevent future zoonoses, governments must establish effective legislation addressing wildlife trade, protection of habitats, and reduction of the wildlife-livestock-human interface.

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