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Extensive right atrial free wall low-voltage zone as the substrate for atrial fibrillation: successful ablation by scar homogenization

Ahmed M Al-Kaisey, Ramanathan Parameswaran, Stephen A Joseph, Peter M Kistler, Joseph B Morton, Jonathan M Kalman



AIMS: Prior studies have described a variety of mechanisms for atrial fibrillation (AF) originating in the right atrium (RA). In this study, we report a series of patients in whom an extensive right atrial free wall low-voltage zone (LVZ) served as the AF substrate. METHODS AND RESULTS: Five patients with a clinical syndrome of paroxysmal AF and atrial tachycardia (AT) underwent electrophysiologic evaluation. Five patients (3 M; age 52 ± 7 years) had symptomatic paroxysmal AF for (28 ± 17 months) not responsive to medical therapy. At the initial EP study, AT was inducible in four patients and was spontaneous in one patient. In all patients, tachycardia instability precluded detailed AT mappi..

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