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Assessment of the electro-Fenton pathway for the removal of naphthalene from contaminated waters in remote regions

Rebecca McQuillan, Geoffrey W Stevens, Kathryn A Mumford

The Science of The Total Environment | ELSEVIER | Published : 2021


This work investigates the effectiveness of the electro-Fenton reaction for the treatment of wastewaters contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons. More specific attention was given to field deployment applications in remote regions, such as the sub-Antarctic, where there is a need for low-cost technologies that can aid in remediation efforts. Naphthalene, a high priority pollutant for removal within these regions, was chosen as a model contaminant and treated with inexpensive graphite electrodes to promote the electro-Fenton pathway. Results show that naphthalene can be fully removed from a near-saturated solution, 20 mg/L, in less than 3 h of treatment. The underlying removal mechanisms wer..

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