Aëtiana V: An Edition of the Reconstructed Text of the Placita with a Commentary and a Collection of Related Texts

J Mansfeld, DT Runia, J Mansfeld (ed.), David Runia (ed.)

Brill | Published : 2020


The present edition and commentary on the Placita has been a very long time in the making. In the case of Jaap Mansfeld, its origins go as far back as the research he did on ps.Hippocrates De hebdomadibus in the late 1960’s.1 David Runia first came into contact with doxographical texts when analysing Philo of Alexandria’s puzzling work De aeternitate mundi in the late 1970’s.2 We made the decision to work together on the Aëtian Placita in 1989 and the project entitled ‘Aëtiana: the Method and Intellectual Context of a Doxographer’ was born. The present volume consisting of four parts is the project’s culmination. Four preparatory volumes (in five parts) have preceded it.3 We will not again d..

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