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Real-Time Standard Analysis of Disease Investigation (SADI)-A Toolbox Approach to Inform Disease Outbreak Response.

Paul Bingham, Masako Wada, Mary van Andel, Andrew McFadden, Robert Sanson, Mark Stevenson

Frontiers in Veterinary Science | Frontiers Media | Published : 2020


An incursion of an important exotic transboundary animal disease requires a prompt and intensive response. The routine analysis of up-to-date data, as near to real time as possible, is essential for the objective assessment of the patterns of disease spread or effectiveness of control measures and the formulation of alternative control strategies. In this paper, we describe the Standard Analysis of Disease Investigation (SADI), a toolbox for informing disease outbreak response, which was developed as part of New Zealand's biosecurity preparedness. SADI was generically designed on a web-based software platform, Integrated Real-time Information System (IRIS). We demonstrated the use of SADI fo..

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