Journal article

Gateways or backdoors to development? Filtering mechanisms and territorial embeddedness in the Chilean copper GPN's urban system

Miguel Atienza, Martin Arias-Loyola, Nicholas Phelps

GROWTH AND CHANGE | WILEY | Published : 2020


This paper analyses the role played by different urban nodes in the Chilean copper mining Global Production Network (GPN), and how filtering mechanisms act in favour of the capital city, limiting the territorial embeddedness of extractive industry in resource peripheries. In doing so, we make three contributions to the literature. First, in addition to observing gateway cities (those connecting the mining hinterlands to the global economy), we propose an intermediate category in urban hierarchies which we label the “backdoor city” (those that can perform one or more functions of a gateway city but lack chances for value capture and sustainable development outcomes). Second, we analyse the fi..

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