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Recent Developments in Species Sensitivity Distribution Modeling

DR Fox, RA van Dam, R Fisher, GE Batley, AR Tillmanns, J Thorley, CJ Schwarz, DJ Spry, K McTavish

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry | WILEY | Published : 2021


The species sensitivity distribution (SSD) is a statistical approach that is used to estimate either the concentration of a chemical that is hazardous to no more than x% of all species (the HCx) or the proportion of species potentially affected by a given concentration of a chemical. Despite a significant body of published research and critical reviews over the past 20 yr aimed at improving the methodology, the fundamentals remain unchanged. Although there have been some recent suggestions for improvements to SSD methods in the literature, in general, few of these suggestions have been formally adopted. Furthermore, critics of the approach can rightly point to the fact that differences in te..

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