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The identification of neuronal control pathways supplying effector tissues in the stomach

John B Furness, Madeleine Di Natale, Billie Hunne, Lalita Oparija-Rogenmozere, Sean M Ward, Kent C Sasse, Terry L Powley, Martin J Stebbing, Deborah Jaffey, Linda J Fothergill



The stomach acts as a buffer between the ingestion of food and its processing in the small intestine. It signals to the brain to modulate food intake and it in turn regulates the passage of a nutrient-rich fluid, containing partly digested food, into the duodenum. These processes need to be finely controlled, for example to restrict reflux into the esophagus and to transfer digesta to the duodenum at an appropriate rate. Thus, the efferent pathways that control gastric volume, gastric peristalsis and digestive juice production are critically important. We review these pathways with an emphasis on the identities of the final motor neurons and comparisons between species. The major types of mo..

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