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Beyond the freedom to build: Long-term outcomes of Elemental’s incremental housing in Quinta Monroy Além da liberdade de construção: resultados de longo prazo da moradia incremental da Elemental na Quinta Monroy

Sandra Carrasco Mansilla, David O'Brien

Urbe : Revista Brasileira de Gestão Urbana | Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUCPR) | Published : 2021


In 2003, the Chilean architecture firm Elemental began to revisit the idea of partially completed housing harnessing the productive capacities of the informal process within a more formal framework. The Quinta Monroy project in the northern Chilean city of Iquique was the first such project and involved the in-situ replacement of an informal settlement. The desire of residents was for a middle-class house that was beyond the scope of their budget or the subsidy. The Elemental project at Quinta Monroy comprised 93 expandable houses designed in parallel buildings and organized in four courtyards aiming to promote community interaction and maintain neighbors’ affinities. This paper investigate..

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