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Risk factors for candidaemia: A prospective multi-centre case-control study

Caitlin Livia Keighley, Alun Pope, Deborah JE Marriott, Belinda Chapman, Narin Bak, Kathryn Daveson, Krispin Hajkowicz, Catriona Halliday, Karina Kennedy, Sarah Kidd, Tania C Sorrell, Neil Underwood, Sebastiaan van Hal, Monica A Slavin, Sharon C-A Chen

Mycoses | WILEY | Published : 2020


OBJECTIVES: Candidaemia carries a mortality of up to 40% and may be related to increasing complexity of medical care. Here, we determined risk factors for the development of candidaemia. METHODS: We conducted a prospective, multi-centre, case-control study over 12 months. Cases were aged ≥18 years with at least one blood culture positive for Candida spp. Each case was matched with two controls, by age within 10 years, admission within 6 months, admitting unit, and admission duration at least as long as the time between admission and onset of candidaemia. RESULTS: A total of 118 incident cases and 236 matched controls were compared. By multivariate analysis, risk factors for candidaemia inclu..

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