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Association Between the Gut Microbiota and Blood Pressure in a Population Cohort of 6953 Individuals

Joonatan Palmu, Aaro Salosensaari, Aki S Havulinna, Susan Cheng, Michael Inouye, Mohit Jain, Rodolfo A Salido, Karenina Sanders, Caitriona Brennan, Gregory C Humphrey, Jon G Sanders, Erkki Vartiainen, Tiina Laatikainen, Pekka Jousilahti, Veikko Salomaa, Rob Knight, Leo Lahti, Teemu J Niiranen

Journal of the American Heart Association | WILEY | Published : 2020


Background Several small-scale animal studies have suggested that gut microbiota and blood pressure (BP) are linked. However, results from human studies remain scarce and conflicting. We wanted to elucidate the multivariable-adjusted association between gut metagenome and BP in a large, representative, well-phenotyped population sample. We performed a focused analysis to examine the previously reported inverse associations between sodium intake and Lactobacillus abundance and between Lactobacillus abundance and BP. Methods and Results We studied a population sample of 6953 Finns aged 25 to 74 years (mean age, 49.2±12.9 years; 54.9% women). The participants underwent a health examination, whi..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Dr Niiranen was funded by Emil Aaltonen Foundation, Paavo Nurmi Foundation, Finnish Medical Foundation, and Academy of Finland, grant 321351. Dr Lahti was funded by Academy of Finland, grants 295741 and 307127. Dr Salomaa was supported by the Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research. Dr Havulinna was supported by Academy of Finland, grant 321356. Dr Jain was supported in part by grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), including NIH S10OD020025 and R01ES027595. Dr Cheng was supported by NIH grants R01-HL134168, R01-HL131532, R01-HL143227, and R01-HL142983. The funding bodies had no role in the design of the study, in collection, analysis, and interpretation of data, and in writing the article.