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Selective optogenetic stimulation of efferent fi bers in the vagus nerve of a large mammal

Lindsea C Booth, Song T Yao, Alla Korsak, David GS Farmer, Sally G Hood, Daniel McCormick, Quinn Boesley, Angela A Connelly, Stuart J McDougall, Willian S Korim, Sarah-Jane Guild, Svetlana Mastitskaya, Phuong Le, Anja G Teschemacher, Sergey Kasparov, Gareth L Ackland, Simon C Malpas, Robin M McAllen, Andrew M Allen, Clive N May Show all



BACKGROUND: Electrical stimulation applied to individual organs, peripheral nerves, or specific brain regions has been used to treat a range of medical conditions. In cardiovascular disease, autonomic dysfunction contributes to the disease progression and electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve has been pursued as a treatment for the purpose of restoring the autonomic balance. However, this approach lacks selectivity in activating function- and organ-specific vagal fibers and, despite promising results of many preclinical studies, has so far failed to translate into a clinical treatment of cardiovascular disease. OBJECTIVE: Here we report a successful application of optogenetics for select..

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Awarded by British Heart Foundation

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the British Heart Foundation (Refs: RG/14/4/30736 and RG/19/5/34463) and Medical Research Council (Ref: MR/R01213X/1). A.V.G. is a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow (Ref: 095064). D.M., S.C.M. and Q.B. are supported by the Hugo Charitable Trust. L.C.B, S.T.Y and C.N.M are supported by NHMRC (Ref: 1128108). S.K. is supported by 5-100 programme. S.T.Y. is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow (Ref: FT170100363).