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A comparison of the measured North Sea Andrea rogue wave with numerical simulations

EM Bitner-Gregersen, L Fernandez, JM Lefèvre, J Monbaliu, A Toffoli

Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussions | Copernicus GmbH


Abstract. A coupling of a spectral wave model with a nonlinear phase resolving model is used to reconstruct the evolution of wave statistics during a storm crossing the North Sea on 8–9 November 2007. During this storm a rogue wave (named the Andrea wave) was recorded at the Ekofisk field. The wave has characteristics comparable to the well-known New Year wave measured by Statoil at the Draupner platform the 1 January 1995. Hindcast data of the storm are here applied as input to calculate random realizations of sea surface and evolution of its statistical properties associated with this specific wave event by solving the Euler equations with a Higher Order Spectral Method (HOSM). The numeric..

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