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Highly uniform InGaAs/InP quantum well nanowire array-based light emitting diodes

I Yang, S Kim, M Niihori, A Alabadla, Z Li, L Li, MN Lockrey, DY Choi, I Aharonovich, J Wong-Leung, HH Tan, C Jagadish, L Fu

Nano Energy | Published : 2020


III-V semiconductor nanowire infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) have great potential for the development of Si-based integrated photonics. In this paper, we report the growth of highly uniform triangular prism InGaAs/InP single quantum well (QW) nanowires using a 2-step growth by metal organic chemical vapour deposition by selective area epitaxy technique. Based on these nanowire arrays, we demonstrate nanowire array LEDs with strong electroluminescence at two main peaks, originating from the axial and radial QW respectively and control the relative emission of those two peaks. We further reveal that a long lateral contact of the nanowire LED results in more intense radial QW emission by ..

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