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Load Distribution at the Patellofemoral Joint During Walking

Lucas T Thomeer, Yi-Chung Lin, Marcus G Pandy

Annals of Biomedical Engineering | SPRINGER | Published : 2020


We combined computational modelling with experimental gait data to describe and explain load distribution across the medial and lateral facets of the patella during normal walking. The body was modelled as a 13-segment, 32-degree-of-freedom (DOF) skeleton actuated by 80 muscles. The knee was represented as a 3-body, 12-DOF mechanical system with deformable articular cartilage surfaces at the tibiofemoral (TF) and patellofemoral (PF) joints. Passive responses of the knee model to 100 N anterior-posterior drawer and 5 Nm axial torque tests were consistent with cadaver data reported in the literature. Trajectories of 6-DOF TF and PF joint motion and articular joint contact calculated for walkin..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council (ARC)

Funding Acknowledgements

This study was funded in part by the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects Grant Scheme (DP120101973). LTT was also supported by a Postgraduate Scholarship provided by the University of Melbourne.