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A Reference Map of Potential Determinants for the Human Serum Metabolome

Noam Bar, Tal Korem, Omer Weissbrod, David Zeevi, Daphna Rothschild, Sigal Leviatan, Noa Kosower, Maya Lotan-Pompan, Adina Weinberger, Caroline I Le Roy, Cristina Menni, Alessia Visconti, Mario Falchi, Tim D Spector, undefined IMI DIRECT consortium, Jerzy Adamski, Paul W Franks, Oluf Pedersen, Eran Segal

Nature | Springer Nature | Published : 2020


The serum metabolome contains a plethora of biomarkers and causative agents of various diseases, some of which are endogenously produced and some that have been taken up from the environment1. The origins of specific compounds are known, including metabolites that are highly heritable2,3, or those that are influenced by the gut microbiome4, by lifestyle choices such as smoking5, or by diet6. However, the key determinants of most metabolites are still poorly understood. Here we measured the levels of 1,251 metabolites in serum samples from a unique and deeply phenotyped healthy human cohort of 491 individuals. We applied machine-learning algorithms to predict metabolite levels in held-out ind..

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