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Successful treatment of lathosterolosis: A rare defect in cholesterol biosynthesis-A case report and review of literature.

Joy Yaplito-Lee, Gautham Pai, Winita Hardikar, Kai M Hong, James Pitt, Justine Marum, David J Amor

JIMD Rep | Published : 2020


Lathosterolosis is a rare autosomal recessive disorder of cholesterol biosynthesis. It is caused by defects in the SC5D (sterol C5-desaturase) gene which encodes for the 3-beta-hydroxysteroid-delta-5-desaturase (also called sterol-C5-desaturase or lathosterol dehydrogenase). Only six cases have been described in the literature, but it is possible that a number of patients with milder forms of the condition might have been missed. Lathosterolosis manifests as microcephaly, bilateral cataracts, dysmorphism, limb anomalies, and developmental delay/intellectual disability. Liver involvement is variable and can range from normal liver function tests to portal fibrosis and cirrhosis. Diagnosis is ..

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