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Evaluating the resource implications of different service delivery models for offering additional genomic findings

Martin Vu, Koen Degeling, Melissa Martyn, Elly Lynch, Belinda Chong, Clara Gaff, Maarten J IJzerman



PURPOSE: To evaluate the resource implications of different delivery models for the provision of additional findings (AF) in genomics from a health-care purchaser perspective. METHODS: Data from the Additional Findings study were used to develop and validate a discrete event simulation model that represented the pathway of delivering AF. Resource implications were estimated by microcosting the consultations, sample verifications, bioinformatics, curation, and multidisciplinary case review meetings. A proof-of-concept model was used to generate costing, and then the simulation model was varied to assess the impact of an automated analysis pipeline, use of telehealth consultation, full automat..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank all collaborators on the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance Additional Findings Study. This study was funded by the State Government of Victoria (Department of Health and Human Services) and the ten member organizations of the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance.