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Transcriptional Effects of Psychoactive Drugs on Genes Involved in Neurogenesis

Chiara C Bortolasci, Briana Spolding, Srisaiyini Kidnapillai, Timothy Connor, Trang TT Truong, Zoe SJ Liu, Bruna Panizzutti, Mark F Richardson, Laura Gray, Michael Berk, Olivia M Dean, Ken Walder

International Journal of Molecular Sciences | MDPI | Published : 2020


Although neurogenesis is affected in several psychiatric diseases, the effects and mechanisms of action of psychoactive drugs on neurogenesis remain unknown and/or controversial. This study aims to evaluate the effects of psychoactive drugs on the expression of genes involved in neurogenesis. Neuronal-like cells (NT2-N) were treated with amisulpride (10 µM), aripiprazole (0.1 µM), clozapine (10 µM), lamotrigine (50 µM), lithium (2.5 mM), quetiapine (50 µM), risperidone (0.1 µM), or valproate (0.5 mM) for 24 h. Genome wide mRNA expression was quantified and analysed using gene set enrichment analysis, with the neurogenesis gene set retrieved from the Gene Ontology database and the Mammalian A..

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