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Superinfection Exclusion in Mosquitoes and Its Potential as an Arbovirus Control Strategy

Mathilde Laureti, Prasad N Paradkar, John K Fazakerley, Julio Rodriguez-Andres

Viruses | MDPI | Published : 2020


The continuing emergence of arbovirus disease outbreaks around the world, despite the use of vector control strategies, warrants the development of new strategies to reduce arbovirus transmission. Superinfection exclusion, a phenomenon whereby a primary virus infection prevents the replication of a second closely related virus, has potential to control arbovirus disease emergence and outbreaks. This phenomenon has been observed for many years in plants, insects and mammalian cells. In this review, we discuss the significance of identifying novel vector control strategies, summarize studies exploring arbovirus superinfection exclusion and consider the potential for this phenomenon to be the b..

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