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Antimicrobial nanoparticle coatings for medical implants: Design challenges and prospects

Xin Li, Tao Huang, Daniel E Heath, Neil M O'Brien-Simpson, Andrea J O'Connor



Microbial colonization, infection, and biofilm formation are major complications in the use of implants and are the predominant risk factors in implant failure. Although aseptic surgery and the administration of antimicrobial drugs may reduce the risk of infection, the systemic use of antibiotics can lead to a lack of efficacy, an increase in the risk of tissue toxicity, and the development of drug-resistant infections. To reduce implant-related infections, antimicrobial materials are increasingly being investigated and applied to implant surfaces using various methods depending on the agents and their microbicidal mechanisms. Through the development of biomaterials and nanotechnology, antim..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors gratefully acknowledge funding support from the Australian Research Council Training Centre for Medical Implant Technologies (ARC CMIT) No. IC180100024, and the Medical Acceleration Fund of the Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria, Australia. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia and the Australian Research Council (ARC) are thanked for financial support over many years for the nanomaterials, peptide chemistry, and chemical biology studies reported in the authors' laboratories. Xin Li gratefully acknowledges the support of the University of Melbourne and an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship (Melbourne International Research Scholarship). N.M.O.S. is the recipient of NHMRC funding (Nos. APP1142472, APP1158841, and APP1185426), ARC funding (Nos. DP160101312 and LE200100163), Cancer Council Victoria funding (No. APP1163284), and Australian Dental Research Funding in antimicrobial materials and research is supported by the Centre for Oral Health Research at The Melbourne Dental School.