Conference Proceedings

Investigating Immersive Virtual Reality as an Educational Tool for Quantum Computing

A Zable, L Hollenberg, E Velloso, J Goncalves

26th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology | ACM | Published : 2020


Quantum computing (QC) is an intrinsically complex yet exciting discipline with increasing practical relevance. A deep understanding of QC requires the integration of knowledge across numerous technical fields, such as physics, computing and mathematics. This work aims to investigate how immersive Virtual Reality (VR) compares to a desktop environment (‘web-applet’) as an educational tool to help teach individuals QC fundamentals. We developed two interactive learning tutorials, one utilising the ‘Bloch sphere’ visualisation to represent a single-qubit system, and the other exploring multi-qubit systems through the lens of ‘quantum entanglement’. We evaluate the effectiveness of each medium ..

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