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Construction of an area-deprivation index for 2869 counties in China: A census-based approach

Z Wang, KY Chan, AN Poon, K Homma, Y Guo

Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health | Published : 2020


BackgroundA paucity of data has made it challenging to construct a deprivation index at the lowest administrative, or county, level in China. An index is required to guide health equity monitoring and resource allocation to regions of greatest need. This study used China’s 2010 census data to construct a county-level area deprivation index (CADI).MethodsData for 2869 counties from China’s 2010 census were used to generate a CADI. Eleven indicators across four domains of deprivation were selected for principal component analysis with standardisation of the first principal component. Sensitivity analysis was used to test whether the population size and weighting method affected the index’s rob..

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