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Implementing gene curation for hereditary cancer susceptibility in Australia: achieving consensus on genes with clinical utility.

Emma Tudini, Aimee L Davidson, Uwe Dressel, Lesley Andrews, Yoland Antill, Ashley Crook, Michael Field, Michael Gattas, Rebecca Harris, Judy Kirk, Nicholas Pachter, Lucinda Salmon, Rachel Susman, Sharron Townshend, Alison H Trainer, Katherine M Tucker, Gillian Mitchell, Paul A James, Robyn L Ward, Helen Mar Fan Show all

J Med Genet | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: The strength of evidence supporting the validity of gene-disease relationships is variable. Hereditary cancer has the additional complexity of low or moderate penetrance for some confirmed disease-associated alleles. METHODS: To promote national consistency in interpretation of hereditary cancer/tumour gene test results, we requested opinions of representatives from Australian Family Cancer Clinics regarding the clinical utility of 157 genes initially collated for a national research project. Viewpoints were sought by initial survey, face-to-face workshop and follow-up survey. Subsequent review was undertaken by the eviQ Cancer Genetics Reference Committee, a national resource pr..

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