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Clinical trials with cannabis medicines-guidance for ethics committees, governance officers and researchers to streamline ethics applications and ensuring patient safety: considerations from the Australian experience

Jennifer H Martin, Courtney Hill, Anna Walsh, Daryl Efron, Kaitlyn Taylor, Michael Kennedy, Rachel Galettis, Paul Lightfoot, Julie Hanson, Helen Irving, Meera Agar, Judith Lacey

Trials | BMC | Published : 2020


With cannabis medicines now obtaining legal status in many international jurisdictions (generally on the authorisation of a medical professional), a rapid increase in consumer demand for access to cannabis as a therapeutic option in the treatment and management of a range of indications is being noted. Despite this accessibility, knowledge on optimal use is lacking. Further drug development and clinical trials at regulatory standards are necessary both if a better understanding of the efficacy of cannabis medicines, optimal product formulation and indication-specific dosing is needed and to ensure the broader quality and safety of cannabis medicines in the clinical setting.To enable this, cl..

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