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Development of an assessment tool for mathematical reading, analytical thinking and mathematical writing

N Kesorn, P Junpeng, M Marwiang, K Pongboriboon, KN Tang, S Bathia, M Wilson

International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education (IJERE) | Published : 2020


The main objective of this research was to develop and validate the quality of an assessment tool for evaluating the mathematical reading, analytical thinking, and mathematical writing skills of fourth-grade students. We randomly selected 222 fourth grade students across multiple schools of varying sizes to take the assessment. Multidimensional Random Coefficients Multinomial Item Response Model was applied to validate the quality of the developed assessment tool. A design-based research methodology was adopted to develop the assessment tool encompassing four phases as follows: 1) analyze how students solve mathematical problems; 2) develop the assessment tool; 3) validation of the tool; and..

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