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The Pathogen Genomics in Public HeAlth Surveillance Evaluation (PG-PHASE) Framework: An Implementation Science Approach to Evaluating Pathogen Whole Genome Sequencing in Public Health

Angeline S Ferdinand, Margaret Kelaher, Courtney R Lane, Anders Gonçalves da Silva, Norelle Sherry, Susan A Ballard, Patiyan Andersson, Tuyet Hoang, Justin T Denholm, Marion Easton, Benjamin P Howden, Deborah A Williamson

Research Square


Abstract Background Pathogen whole genome sequencing (WGS) is being incorporated into public health surveillance and disease control systems worldwide and has the potential to make significant contributions to infectious disease surveillance, outbreak investigation and infection prevention and control. However, to date, there are limited data regarding: (i) the optimal models for integration of genomic data into epidemiological investigations, and (ii) how to quantify and evaluate public health impacts resulting from genomic epidemiological investigations. Methods We developed the Pathogen Genomics in Public HeAlth Surveillance Evaluation (PG-PHASE) Framework to guide examination of ..

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