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Preliminary Minimum Reporting Requirements for Reporting In-Vivo Neural Interface Research: I. Implantable Neural Interfaces

Calvin D Eiber, Jean Delbeke, Jorge Cardoso, Martijn de Neeling, Sam E John, Chang Won Lee, Jerry Skefos, Argus Sun, Dimiter Prodanov, Zach McKinney

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


AbstractThe pace of research and development in neuroscience, neurotechnology, and neurorehabilitation is rapidly accelerating, with the number of publications doubling every 4.2 years. Maintaining this progress requires technological standards and scientific reporting guidelines to provide frameworks for communication and interoperability. The present lack of such standards for neurotechnologies limits the transparency, reproducibility, and meta-analysis of this growing body of research, posing an ongoing barrier to research, clinical, and commercial objectives.Continued neurotechnological innovation requires the development of some minimal standards to promote integration between this broa..

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