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Analytical ultracentrifugation: still the gold standard that offers multiple solutions

Renwick CJ Dobson, Trushar R Patel

European Biophysics Journal | SPRINGER | Published : 2020


Understanding the nature of macromolecules and their interactions in solution underpins many fields, including biology, chemistry and materials science. The 24th International Analytical Ultracentrifugation Workshop and Symposium (AUC2019, held in Christchurch, New Zealand, August 2019), brought together 77 international delegates to highlight recent developments in the field. There was a focus on analytical ultracentrifugation, although we recognise that this is but one of the key methods in the biophysicist's toolkit. Many of the presentations showcased the versatility of analytical ultracentrifugation and how such experiments are integrated with other solution techniques, such as small-an..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We acknowledge the sponsors that made AUC2019 possible. We are especially grateful to our major sponsor, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, who have sponsored the event over many years. We thank the following for financial support: Izon, Roche, and the Biomolecular Interaction Centre (University of Canterbury). In addition, we thank the following for providing with travel support to delegates (largely students): the Maurice Wilkins Centre for molecular biodiscovery, the Riddet Institute and the Northwest Biophysics Consortium. Finally, we thank Rob Gilbert for supporting the publication of this special issue.