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Variation in the stearoyl-CoA desaturase gene (SCD) and its influence on milk fatty acid composition in late-lactation dairy cattle grazed on pasture

Yunhai Li, Huitong Zhou, Long Cheng, Jenny Zhao, Jonathan Hickford

Archives Animal Breeding | Copernicus Publications | Published : 2020


Gene markers have become useful tools for improving animal genetics and breeding since they improve the accuracy of selection for superior breeding stock. In this study, the stearoyl-CoA desaturase (Δ-9-desaturase) gene (SCD) was investigated in New Zealand pasture-grazed Holstein–Friesian × Jersey cows. Three nucleotide substitutions were identified in exon 5 of the gene (c.702A/G, c.762T/C and c.878C/T), and a single nucleotide substitution was identified in intron 5 (c.880+105A/G). The c.878C/T substitution would, if expressed, result in the amino acid substitution p.A293V. Four nucleotide substitutions (c.*1783A/G, c.*1883C/T, c.*1984G/A and c.*2066T/C/G) were identified in the 3′-untran..

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Awarded by Ministry of Science and Innovation, New Zealand

Funding Acknowledgements

This research has been supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, New Zealand (grant no. DRCX 0802) and the Lincoln University Gene-Marker Laboratory.