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Meta-Analysis of Grainyhead-Like Dependent Transcriptional Networks: A Roadmap for Identifying Novel Conserved Genetic Pathways.

Nishanthi Mathiyalagan, Lee B Miles, Peter J Anderson, Tomasz Wilanowski, Brian L Grills, Stuart J McDonald, M Cristina Keightley, Agata Charzynska, Michal Dabrowski, Sebastian Dworkin

Genes | Published : 2019


: The Drosophilagrainyhead (grh) and vertebrate Grainyhead-like (Grhl) transcription factors are among the most critical genes for epithelial development, maintenance and homeostasis, and are remarkably well conserved from fungi to humans. Mutations affecting grh/Grhl function lead to a myriad of developmental and adult onset epithelial disease, such as aberrant skin barrier formation, facial/palatal clefting, impaired neural tube closure, age-related hearing loss, ectodermal dysplasia, and importantly, cancers of epithelial origin. Recently, mutations in the family member GRHL3 have been shown to lead to both syndromic and non-syndromic facial and palatal clefting in humans, particularly th..

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