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Biophysical characterization of the ETV6 PNT domain polymerization interfaces

Chloe Gerak, Sophia Cho, Maxim Kolesnikov, Mark Okon, Michael Murphy, Richard Sessions, Michel Roberge, Lawrence McIntosh

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2020


Abstract ETV6 is an ETS family transcriptional repressor that self-associates by its PNT domain to facilitate cooperative DNA binding. Chromosomal translocations frequently generate constitutively active oncoproteins with the ETV6 PNT domain fused to the kinase domain of one of many protein tyrosine kinases. Although an attractive target for therapeutic intervention, the propensity of the ETV6 PNT domain to polymerize via the tight head-to-tail association of two relatively flat interfaces makes it challenging to identify suitable small molecule inhibitors of this protein-protein interaction. Herein we provide a comprehensive biophysical characterization of the ETV6 PNT domain interaction in..

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