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A Multi-pronged Screening Approach Targeting Inhibition of ETV6 PNT Domain Polymerization

Chloe Gerak, Si Miao Zhang, Aruna Balgi, Ivan Sadowski, Richard Sessions, Lawrence McIntosh, Michel Roberge

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2020


Abstract ETV6 is an ETS family transcriptional repressor for which head-to-tail polymerization of its PNT domain facilitates cooperative binding to DNA by its ETS domain. Chromosomal translocations frequently fuse the ETV6 PNT domain to one of several protein tyrosine kinases. The resulting chimeric oncoproteins undergo ligand-independent self-association, autophosphorylation, and aberrant stimulation of downstream signaling pathways leading to a variety of cancers. Currently, no small molecules inhibitors of ETV6 PNT domain polymerization are known and no assays targeting PNT domain polymerization have been described. In this study, we developed complementary experimental and computational ..

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