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The composition and amino acid balance of abalone (Haliotis rubra) tissue

RH King, CJ Rayner, M Kerr, HK Gorfine, PE McShane



The amino acid composition was determined in the whole body of 23 specimens of abalone (Haliotis rubra) collected near Portland, Victoria. The mean (and s.d.) weight of the shell and whole body of abalone were 63.5 (70.2) g and 107.8 (102.7) g, respectively. The mean crude protein content of the whole body of abalone was 124 g kg-1 and was greater in heavier abalone. However, the proportion of individual amino acids relative to others remained relatively stable among all sizes of abalone. Comparison of the proportion of individual amino acids revealed that the levels of threonine, methionine and arginine relative to lysine were considerably greater in abalone than in tissue from terrestrial ..

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