Roadmap for green roofs, walls and facades in Australia’s urban landscapes 2020-2030

Rachael Bathgate, nicholas Williams, Leisa Sargent, Kate Lee, John Rayner, Mo Ritchie, Judith Bush, KJH Williams, KA Johnson, Gail Hall, N Pelleri, SJ Wilkinson, C Martin

University of Melbourne, University of NSW and Hort Innovation | Published : 2020


Urban green infrastructure is the network of green space in the private and public realm and includes parks, private gardens, street trees, native remnant vegetation and more engineered forms such as rain gardens and green roofs. Increasing the extent, diversity and quality of green infrastructure is vital for ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of Australia’s increasingly urbanised population, and for climate change adaptation. With less ground-level space available in cities to establish new parks, trees and gardens, engineered forms of green infrastructure - green roofs, walls and facades - offer opportunities to grow plants up and on top of built structures; combining grey infrast..

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