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Genetic insights into the disease mechanisms of type II mixed cryoglobulinemia induced by hepatitis C virus.

V De Re, L Caggiari, S De Vita, C Mazzaro, M Lenzi, M Galli, G Monti, C Ferri, AL Zignego, A Gabrielli, D Sansonno, F Dammacco, M Libra, N Sacchi, R Talamini, M Spina, R Cannizzaro, M Guidoboni, R Dolcetti

Dig Liver Dis | Published : 2007


The ability of the immune system to distinguish between self and non-self is critical to the functioning of the immune response. A breakdown in these mechanisms can lead to the onset of autoimmune disease. Clinical and molecular data suggest that shared immunogenetic mechanisms lead to the autoimmune process. The most studied part of the autoimmune process is the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) region. Recently, progress has been made in narrowing down HLA cluster classifications based on structural and functional features of HLA alleles. Using this approach we have investigated 175 patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV)-induced type II cryoglobulinemia (MC), and compared them to a control grou..

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