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Phenotypic features and genetic characterization of male breast cancer families: identification of two recurrent BRCA2 mutations in north-east of Italy

GianMaria Miolo, Lara Della Puppa, Manuela Santarosa, Clelia De Giacomi, Andrea Veronesi, Ettore Bidoli, Maria Grazia Tibiletti, Alessandra Viel, Riccardo Dolcetti

BMC Cancer | BMC | Published : 2006


BACKGROUND: Breast cancer in men is an infrequent occurrence, accounting for approximately 1% of all breast tumors with an incidence of about 1:100,000. The relative rarity of male breast cancer (MBC) limits our understanding of the epidemiologic, genetic and clinical features of this tumor. METHODS: From 1997 to 2003, 10 MBC patients were referred to our Institute for genetic counselling and BRCA1/2 testing. Here we report on the genetic and phenotypic characterization of 10 families with MBC from the North East of Italy. In particular, we wished to assess the occurrence of specific cancer types in relatives of MBC probands in families with and without BRCA2 predisposing mutations. Moreover..

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