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Familial breast cancer: characteristics and outcome of BRCA 1-2 positive and negative cases

A Veronesi, C de Giacomi, MD Magri, D Lombardi, M Zanetti, C Scuderi, R Dolcetti, A Viel, D Crivellari, E Bidoli, M Boiocchi

BMC Cancer | BMC | Published : 2005


BACKGROUND: The clinical and pathological characteristics and the clinical course of patients with breast cancer and BRCA 1-2 mutation are poorly known. METHODS: From 1997, patients with breast cancer and a family history of breast or ovarian cancer were offered BRCA testing. The clinical and pathological features of patients with known BRCA status were retrospectively assessed and comparisons were made between cancers arising in BRCA positive and BRCA wild type (WT) patients respectively. Type of treatment, pattern of relapse, event (local relapse, contralateral breast cancer, metastases) free and overall survival were also compared in the two groups. Out of the 210 patients tested, 125 had..

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