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Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of a Hybrid Closed-Loop System Versus Multiple Daily Injections and Capillary Glucose Testing for Adults with Type 1 Diabetes.

Anthony Pease, Ella Zomer, Danny Liew, Arul Earnest, Georgia Soldatos, Zanfina Ademi, Sophia Zoungas

Diabetes Technol Ther | Published : 2020


Background: Hybrid closed-loop systems may offer improved HbA1c levels, more time-in-range, and less hypoglycemia than alternative treatment strategies. However, it is unclear if glycemic improvements offset this technology's higher acquisition costs. Among adults with type 1 diabetes in Australia, we sought to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a hybrid closed-loop system in comparison with the current standard of care, comprising insulin injections and capillary glucose testing. Methods: Cost-effectiveness analysis was performed using decision analysis in combination with a Markov model to simulate disease progression in a cohort of adults with type 1 diabetes and compare the downstream he..

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