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Timing of M. tuberculosis exposure explains variation in BCG effectiveness: A systematic review and meta-analysis

James M Trauer, Andrew Kawai, Anna Coussens, Manjula Datta, Bridget M Williams, Emma S McBryde, Romain Ragonnet

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


AbstractBackgroundThe variable efficacy observed in studies of BCG vaccination is incompletely explained by currently accepted hypotheses, such as latitudinal gradient in non-tuberculous mycobacteria exposure. We investigated heterogeneity in BCG vaccination in the context of participant demography, diagnostic approach and TB-related epidemiological context.MethodsWe updated previous systematic reviews of the effectiveness of BCG vaccination to 31st December 2018. We employed an identical search strategy and inclusion/exclusion criteria to past reviews, but reclassified several studies and developed an alternative classification system.ResultsOf 21 included trials, those recruiting neonates ..

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