Thesis / Dissertation

School Camping as Curriculum: Using Schwab’s commonplaces to investigate how teachers at a school camp and a school understand curriculum, to consider the curricular status of school camping

Malcolm Alexander Nicolson, John Quay (ed.)

Published : 2020


As curriculum is a fundamental element of education, occupying the attention of teachers, and constituting most of their work, it is important to understand the ways those engaged in its practice perceive curriculum, and whether it affects the scope of their work. With space in the crowded Victorian Curriculum at a premium, and a push to narrow and control subject matter by neo-liberal governments globally, it is a matter of importance to those practicing in the domain of school camping, as to whether their contribution to education is considered curriculum. In-depth, semi-structured interviews, participant observation, and examination of artefacts were used to gather data from two groups of..

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