Thesis / Dissertation

Music for Classroom Wellbeing Professional Learning: The Exploration of a Music Therapist Teacher Support Program

Megan Ellen Steele, Katrina McFerran (ed.)

Published : 2020


This emergent qualitative research project explored new music therapy practices for supporting teachers in the current neoliberal education climate. For over twenty years, authors have described diverse school-based music therapist teacher support programs in which the practising music therapist has intended to support teachers (Rickson, 2010b). However, it has also been acknowledged that teachers have found it difficult to sustain practices and benefits from such programs after the music therapist has left the school setting (McFerran, Crooke, & Bolger, 2017; McFerran, Thompson, & Bolger, 2015; Rickson & Twyford, 2011). A Critical Interpretive Synthesis of forty publications pertaining to m..

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