Thesis / Dissertation

Designing a framework to measure patient-reported health effects and outcomes from using person-generated health data: A simulated rehabilitation system use case

Gerardo Luis Dimaguila, Kathleen Gray (ed.)

Published : 2020


There is rising availability and growing adoption of a variety of health information technologies (HIT) that promote participatory health, by enabling people to access and use a form of health data called person-generated health data (PGHD). PGHD is produced when people use HITs to track, manage, and make sense of their health data; and which often occurs outside of traditional health care settings or with minimum intervention of health professionals. Reported effects from PGHD utilisation vary in the literature. While positive health effects have been reported when people utilise their PGHD, PGHD utilisation could also result in neutral or negative effects. For instance, PGHD utilisation ma..

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