Thesis / Dissertation

“Difficult Objects”: Ideas of Disorder in the Poetry of Wallace Stevens

Holly Gallagher, Justin Clemens (ed.)

Published : 2020


Wallace Stevens’ poetry is full of objects. These include a jar, some rocks, thirteen blackbirds, coffee and oranges, ice-cream, umbrellas, chocolate, pots and pans, flowers and fruits, a glass of water, rainbows, lions, chickens, tables, bowls, statues, boats, a turban, a monocle and a blue guitar. Yet there are few studies that inquire into the complexity, diversity or specificity of Stevens’ objects in themselves. Instead, the critical tendency is to view them as either fictional and abstract, or the inaccessible things of an inhuman reality. This thesis addresses this lacuna by attending to the peculiar difficulty immanent to certain of Stevens’ objects: the jar, trash, a pineapple and t..

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