Thesis / Dissertation

Semi-analytic galaxy formation during the epoch of the reionisation

Yisheng Qiu, James Wyithe (ed.)

Published : 2020


Semi-analytic models play an important role in modelling the epoch of reionisation. This thesis presents three studies that are related to this topic. First, we measure clustering segregation with both UV-luminosity and stellar mass at z > 4, which is then compared with predictions from the Meraxes semi-analytic model. Our results suggest that the dependence of clustering strength on UV-luminosity is stronger than stellar mass, indicating that compared with stellar mass, UV-luminosity is more tightly correlated with halo mass. Secondly, we investigate dust extinction in the early Universe. Our method utilises the Meraxes semi-analytic model to produce intrinsic galaxy luminosity and adopts p..

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