Thesis / Dissertation

Investigating the ability of mammalian Membrane Associated RING-CH proteins to modulate respiratory virus infections

Fernando Javier Villalon Letelier, Patrick Reading (ed.)

Published : 2020


Respiratory viruses generally infect epithelial cells lining the upper and lower airways, however subsets of airway immune cells are also susceptible to infection. Of interest, airway epithelial cells (AEC) and airway macrophages (AM) are both susceptible to influenza virus infection, but only AEC support productive virus replication. Constitutive expression and/or induction of intracellular host proteins to limit or block virus replication is a well-known antiviral mechanism, however few such “restriction factors” have been well characterized and the antiviral activity of many putative restriction factors against respiratory viruses has not been reported. A recent RNA-seq study performed in..

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