Thesis / Dissertation

Online Personalisation of Human-Prosthetic Interfaces

Ricardo Garcia Rosas, Denny Oetomo (ed.)

Published : 2020


Upper-limb loss affects over 541,000 people in the US, and over 3,500 new amputations are reported each year in countries like Italy and the UK. The daily life of people living with upper-limb loss is severely impacted as the arm is a human's principal means of interaction with the environment. Moreover, the limitations of current human-prosthetic interfaces result in prosthesis users relying on compensatory motion to achieve activities of daily living, which may result in overuse injuries. This is due to prosthesis users only being able to control the degrees-of-freedom in the prosthesis sequentially. To address this challenge, the prosthetics community has looked into motion-based human pr..

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